Our Nature and Purpose

The Association of Ecumenical Communities is an association of communities within the Sword of the Spirit, an ecumenical charismatic Christian community of disciples on mission. We have heard the call of God, a call to serve him and his people in a particular way in this time -- a time of trial and challenge for the Christian people, a time when he is pouring out his Spirit to renew, restore, and unify his people. In response to a particular call of God, we have freely committed ourselves to others who have been called in this same way.

We Are:
  • Ecumenical: members of churches from different traditions and denominations; our community is not a church.
  • Charismatic: a people of praise and prayer, renewed by the word and power of the Holy Spirit, and open to the gifts of the Spirit.
  • Christian: adhering to the truth of the Scriptures as traditionally interpreted in the Apostles and Nicene Creed.
  • Community: brothers and sisters living a common way of life together.
  • Disciples: with a common mission, making ourselves and our resources available for mission.
  • On Mission: a body of Christians witnessing to and proclaiming the word of God in this age of spiritual warfare.

We live out our Christian commitment in a particular manner, united by a covenant, a common way of life, and dedication to a common purpose and mission. The spirit of our community is particularly well expressed by these texts from Scripture: Matthew 22:36-40; John 17:20-21; Mark 16:15.