April/May 2014 - Vol. 73

A selection of poems from The snipe in winter, by Sean O'Neill

.photo of Loch Tarff, Scotland by (c) John Allen

Loch Tarff, Scotland

poem by Sean O'Neill

Sunk like a Norsemanís targe in the gray hills
whose green flanks fall like the folds of a skirt
in this narrow cusp of land, where brown dirt
bulges with life, this gentle loch distils
the raging of many rains into gold.
The riffled disc quavers as the sun dies
across her kind margins flashing the thighs
of the hills as the bolts of ling unfold.
If I marvel all day, summoning words
to fit the beauty of the cool waterís
rippled plane, is my time not as guileless
as a living prayer? If beauty still girds
Godís movement in time, then wonder is prayerís
handmaid and will serve to sanctify and bless.
ling heather flower in bloom - Scotland
A selection of poems from The snipe in winter, by Sean O'Neill
> 1. Loch Tarff, Scotland
> 2. The wind
> 3. The trout
This poem is from The snipe in winter, a new collection of poems by Sean OíNeill. Available from Amazon. 

Book available at Amazon.

Sean O'Neill is originally from Glasgow, Scotland, and currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. He has published three books of poems and several novels.

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