April/May 2014 - Vol. 73

A selection of poems from The snipe in winter, by Sean O'Neill

The trout

poem by Sean O'Neill

The peat bogs of Cavan, holding secrets 
that for a thousand years preserved the skin 
of the dead, waited for us to begin 
our river walk, so dense with the spirits 
of other anglers and their teeming catch. 
I cast deep in a pit under some stone 
where I’d seen a curved whorl like a hipbone 
and the spray told me the fly was a match. 
With my old tactic I pulled to the bank 
where, at the last netbound heave, the line snapped 
and the fish frisked away to thrive and live. 
How many times we try but draw a blank,
finding we cannot alter or adapt 
to win the prize that only God can give. 

A selection of poems from The snipe in winter, by Sean O'Neill
> 1. Loch Tarff, Scotland
> 2. The wind
> 3. The trout
This poem is from The snipe in winter, a new collection of poems by Sean O’Neill. Available from Amazon. 

Book available at Amazon.

Sean O'Neill is originally from Glasgow, Scotland, and currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. He has published three books of poems and several novels.

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