August/September 2013 - Vol. 69

The Gospel is True - Kairos EME update
by Paul Jordan

A while ago I was on the train to the airport heading to Dublin and got talking to a fellow passenger. He turned out to be a professor from the University of Leuven on his way to a conference in San Francisco, his diagrams neatly tucked under his arm in a cardboard tube:

What line of business are you in?, he asked.
I work for a Christian missionary organization - we mainly work with students.
Oh, you find them interested?
Actually, we do.
I was almost surprised at my own rewsponse, but my confidence is based on fact.

The Gospel is true; the message is compelling today as it was 2000 years ago. Seeing 150 young people in Poland gathered for our Kairos Spring Conference bore witness to that. I was honored to have the chance to have significant 'Kairos conversations' and prayer sessions with over 20 of them. I'm inspired and encouraged by their honesty, their openness to faith, their boldness to make difficult decisions. One young man's life has completely changed in the last year since he met his new master, but there is more to clear out, he explains. Another decides in prayer that he must forgive his father. Another rejoices as he hears God clearly speak to him for the first time.

We are trying to walk with them, giving courage and seeing with the eyes of the master. Jesus saw the tax collector in Levi, but he also saw the evangelist that he was to become in Matthew.

And this is why I am confident young people are interested. Who wouldn't be interested in a life-giving, hope filled, truth?

And that is why I love my job. For there is nothing more satisfying than helping young men and women discover their God given call.    

[Paul Jordan is the Director of Kairos Europe and the Middle East.]
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