August/September 2013 - Vol. 69

Kairos Spring Conference, Poland 2013
It was second time that the Kairos EME Spring Conference took place in Poland (the first was in 2008). This time, almost 140 people from many different countires and different communities of the Sword of the Spirit gathered together in Szczyrk. The topic of the conference was “Be holy for I’m holy”. 
 Holiness is…

During the Kairos Weekend (thanks to all the talks we heard) I realised that being holy is not believing in a 'pocket-sized God' (talking to Him and then putting Him back in our pocket). It's a belief in a Holy God who lives in me all the time and calls me to be holy as well. It takes courage to answer the call, courage to be a bit different from what the ‘world’ nowadays expects from us. It's a readiness to be 'a pencil in God's hand' and to have a close relationship with Him.    

 - by Kasia Solecka

The Mess-Makers

We did not wait long for a response from the youth. Some people felt God calling them to do something more for Him. They don’t want to ask anymore what the community can do for them, but what they can do for community and for others.

An example of these “mess makers” in Poland are people from University Christian Outreach (UCO) Bielsko. This group in just one year grew by 400%. After running a Life in Spirit Seminars course lots of people joined in. This Thursday two brand new small groups started in UCO.  And they are still new people coming. It is the youngest – so far – UCO in the region and its members have their mouths wide open in surprise because they can see how God’s word is being fulfilled.

First Fruits

The Holy Spirit is working! He is starting his work in Krakow, where just a few hours after the end of the conference in Szczyrk, the idea about creating a UCO Krakow occurred.

Be holy, for I am holy. As you can see, we are not waiting too long to see the fruit of this weekend, although this fruit still needs time and care to ripen. As Paul says in his letter to Corinthians: "I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow."

Looking at the UCOs around the world, you can see how the flame, that is in the UCO logo, is spreading around and is bringing light to the world. Here are people who are making a "holy mess," people who are opening the doors of their hearts widely, who are motivated by love, who are not waiting until tomorrow, but "shouting today from the highest mountains to the deepest valleys 'GOD IS ALIVE.'"

So we ask you – our brothers and sisters – to pray for us in Poland.

- Kinga Miklar

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