August/September 2013 - Vol. 69
The Word of God Is Living and ActiveHebrews 4:12.

.The Scriptures Are One Book in Christ

The Spirit of Christ present in the Old Testament

“[Christ's words] are not only those which he spoke when he became a man and tabernacled in the flesh; for before that time, Christ, the Word of God, was in Moses and the prophets… [their words] were filled with the Spirit of Christ.” 
                     – Origen of Alexandria, Bible scholar and teacher (184-254 AD)
The hidden meaning of Christ's coming 
All Scripture describes the coming of the Lord. The New Testament is hidden in the Old; the Old Testament is brought to light in the New. Those who are unspiritual have always failed to see this hidden meaning. Yet even before Christ those who were spiritual could find the Words of God hidden in the words of the prophets, and so through this understanding could be set free.
                                                    – Augustine, bishop of Hippo (354-430 AD)
The Scriptures Are Singing of Christ
“You recall that one and the same Word of God extends throughout Scripture, that it is one and the same Utterance that resounds in the mouths of all the sacred writers, since he who was in the beginning with God has no need of separate syllables; for he is not subject to time… In any passage you care to choose, the Scriptures are singing of Christ, provided we have ears that can pick out the tune. The Lord opened the minds of the Apostles so that they understood the Scriptures. That he will open our minds too is our prayer.” 
                                                   – Augustine, bishop of Hippo (354-430 AD)
Christ foreshadowed in the Old Testament
“Every part of Holy Scripture announces through words the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, reveals it through facts and establishes it through examples… For it is our Lord who during all the present age, through true and manifest foreshadowings, generates, cleanses, sanctified, chooses, separates, or redeems the Church in the Patriarchs, through Adam's slumber, Noah's flood, Melchizedek's blessing, Abraham's justification, Isaac's birth, and Jacob's bondage.” 
                                                              – Hilary, bishop of Poitiers (300-368 AD) 
God has said everything in his Word 
“In giving us his Son, his only Word (for he possesses no other), he spoke everything to us at once in this sole Word – and he has no more to say... because what he spoke before to the prophets in parts, he has now spoken all at once by giving us the All Who is His Son. 

Any person questioning God or desiring some vision or revelation would be guilty not only of foolish behavior but also of offending him, by not fixing his eyes entirely upon Christ and by living with the desire for some other novelty.” 
                                                                        – John of the Cross (1542-1591 AD)

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