August / September 2017 - Vol. 93
reflections from
My Own Flesh and Blood

by Elena Weaver.

Elena YouthWorks-Detroit 2017
“Well, what if?”

This was the question that began my whole approach to coming to Detroit for the first time in 2016 for the summer.  It was a moment that was subtle:  I was just coasting into planning my summer, but in the midst of considering summer jobs at the local gym and babysitting my brothers, I let my mind wander a little bit.  “What if I did something different?” “Could I really do that?” These thoughts, coupled with a random link sent to me by a wise woman, ended up with me packing my bags and traveling to a place very foreign to my suburban-Kansas City way of life.

Since that summer, many things have changed.  Detroit has been not only the most adventurous thing I’ve ever been a part of, but one of the most cherished parts of my testimony.  I have never been so stretched in my capacity for love; I am amazed at how quickly these cheeky teenagers sneak into my heart.  They aggravate you, irritate you, and make you change every single one of your plans every day, but you end up loving them more than life itself.  It’s what I imagine having your own children would be like, your own flesh and blood.

So that’s why I’m back for a second summer and a subsequent mission year beginning in the fall.  These children are my children and I am at home in this foreign, chaotic, and fearless city.  And this kind of story shouldn’t make sense, but it’s perfectly possible when you begin saying ‘yes’ to the Lord as often as possible- a breathtaking adventure awaits those who accept His invitation.  So here I am, loving my work and thrilled for more children to add to my family; please keep myself as well as all of the other interns in your prayers (we totally need them!)

Source: Used with permission.

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