Scripture Study Course
Reading and Studying Scripture as the Living and Active Word of God
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Introduction to the Scripture Study Course
by Don Schwager
Do you want to know the mind and heart of God? And to grow in the knowledge of his truth and love? The Scriptures, also called the Holy Bible, are the living and active Word of God. God speaks to us through the inspired words of the Bible. 

The following Scripture Study Course [see Table of Contents] aims to help people read and study the Scriptures as God's word for us today. It is designed to help Christians from all the mainstream traditions - Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox - who accept the Bible as God's authoritative Word. 

The goal of the Scripture Study Course is twofold: 
First, to help people understand the unity of the Scriptures - how the Old Testament prefigures and prepares the way for the coming of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, and how the New Testament fulfills and unveils the hidden meaning of the Old Testament. 

Second, to help readers better learn how to spiritually and prayerfully read the Scriptures as the living and active Word of God and at the same time interpret the Scriptures in a spiritual way, with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, that helps us apply the wisdom and truth of God's word to our daily lives. 

Topics: Each section of the course contains one or two presentations on a particular topic. The topics include: The unity of the Old and New Testaments, Hearing the living and active Word of God in Scripture and being taught by the Holy Spirit, Interpreting the Scriptures and distinguishing the literal and spiritual senses of the Scriptures, the spiritual power and authority of the Scriptures, Old Testament  types, signs, figures, and symbols that foreshadow and prefigure Christ's work of salvation.

Reflections: The topical presentation is followed by a series of 4 or 5 daily Scripture readings and reflections which are based on the topical presentation.

Articles/Essays: The daily Scripture reflections are followed by a selection of short articles/essays by Scripture scholars from Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox traditions.

Table of Contents
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[Don Schwager is the author of the Daily Scripture Readings and Meditation and editor for Living Bulwark.]

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