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Carlos Mantica

How Come They Never Told Me
From Evidence to Faith

The True God Whom We Serve
Good Teacher: What kind of teacher was and is Jesus of Nazareth?

The True God Whom We Serve

The Lord of Life and Death
The Day God Went Crazy
The Magnificent Stranger

Chosen by God,
 Men of Little Faith
Forgiveness and Reconciliation With One Another

The World and Its Myths
 The Myth of Tolerance

Advancing the Kingdom of God
Jesus' Teaching on the Kingdom
Extending the Kingdom: The Parable of the Apartment Building
Three Tools for Mission: Word, Witness, and Community

On Falling In Love and Other Such Ailments
The Seven Stones: Solid Foundations for Building Christian Community
Building a Bulwark: Vision for community and mission in the Sword of the Spirit
He Is Risen! The Lord of Life and Death 


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