December 2006 - Vol. 3

Reflecting Hope and Redemption
through Art

by Yvette Raquel Rock

Plague of Hail
The Plague Series

Plague of Livestock

Plague of Boils

Plague of Darkness

Plague of Blood

Plague of Flies
Artist Statement

My work revolves around biblical themes, imagery and language.  I am drawn to the truth and beauty found in the Old and New Testamentsó from the harshness and awesomeness of the ten plagues, to the glory and compassion of the crucifixion.  I connect scripture to everyday lifeó using painting, drawing, collage and mixed media to reflect universal experiences such as love, anger, violence, hope, disparity, poverty, sickness and redemption. 

I desire to make moving pieces layered with meaning, art that is ambitious, technical, and experimental, art that is bold, detailed and unpredictable.   I create abstract and expressive work that captures my visions and dreams, a unique language of form and color, alive with hidden meanings to be discovered.

My recent work, a three-part mixed media series on paper, looks at the relationship between the Ten Plagues of Egypt and plagues of our inner cities.  I compare Plague of Boils, for example, to the Plague of Addiction and Plague of Hail to the Plague of Violence.  In the third phase of the series, I look at Godís redemption of the plagues, using the book of Isaiah as my primary source of inspiration.  I hope to make art that is fresh and new to the viewer, imitating Godís Spirit as he moves in the lives of people and all creation.


Yvette Rock received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City and a Master of Fine Arts in painting from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  Between 1999-2004 she served as Artist-in-Residence for the non-profit organization InsideOut Literary Arts Project, teaching art classes to Detroit Public School children, while holding the position of Artistic Director during her last year with the company. 

Yvette has also been involved in several community-based mural projects.  Sites include: Neighborhood Service Organization, Qualicare Nursing Home, Ann Arbor Academy, and Neutral Zone.  In 2003 she spearheaded an after-school program called the Bezalel Project, a ministry of YouthWorks-Detroit.  The program engages Detroit children from grades 2-8 in academic, arts and leadership training. She is currently residing in Detroit with her husband Joshua and their two daughters. Yevette and Joshua are members of Word of Life Community and Detroit Community Outreach.

You can view other art work by Yvette at Ikon & Image.


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