December 2013/January 2014 - Vol. 71

Detroit Summer Outreach 2013 Day Camp

God's Light Prevails Even in All-time Lows
by Shane Dunne

I have been surrounded by people in Christian community throughout my life and I always saw it as the norm, and since a very early age charismatic worship was also a regular part of my experience in community. Because of Christianity always being in my life, I saw it as getting in the way of things I really wanted to dothings I thought that were more important at the time. My parents also tried to keep me closeso as a young teenage kid I regularly disobeyed them. As I pushed away the light of Christ and endless things God had to offer me, I was left with little defense against all the negative things in this modern world. 

A lot of temptations pursued me in my life and I fell into them numerous timesthings such as drug addiction, and abusing alcohol since an early age. I developed major anger issues through surrendering to these temptations in my life and was left feeling incomplete and unsatisfied. After going through all these obstacles in my life I realized that God was pursuing me through this horrible all-time low experience so he could open my eyes to what was truly the best offer he wanted me to have in this life. As I began to openly face my problems, God rewarded me by arrangting things in my life to pull me closer to him, such as strong Christian friends, family, and some amazing experiences which have made me proud to be the person I am today. 

God has shown me that even at all-time lows where there is utter darkness, God’s light can prevail and overcome your problems to make you a servant of his power and love in the great plan he has made for us. He has changed me from an addicted drug and alcohol abuser into a strong believer of his word and loyal soldier in this war that he has put us in, and for that I never stop thanking him. He has brought me out of selfishness and an all time low, bringing me all the way to Detroit to participate in Detroit Summer Outreach to serve the people of Detroit who deserve to see God’s light and what he can do for us if we just accept ourselves as we are and say ‘yes’ to Him. 

God’s work in my life continues to surprise mehe turns my weaknesses into strengths and my insecurities into confident works for his kingdom. God continues to use me in so many different and exciting ways, and his decision to put me in Detroit to serve for three months has erased my doubt in his steadfast love. After coming to Detroit you can clearly see that although the people here are poor, their love for God and the love he has given to them is rich. Seeing the strength of faith in the people of Detroit has changed me forever and I can do nothing but thank God for changing my life and working in me – all because I said ‘yes’ to Him.

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