December 2013/January 2014 - Vol. 71.

Kairos Mission team helped build a house for an elderly woman
Evangelism and Service in Uganda
by Phil Morrison

A Kairos Mission team from the European region of the Sword of the Spirit spent two weeks in July 7-22, 2013 serving in Uganda. The team was composed of 8 men aged 18-25 from Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow, and London. We worked alongside local Ugandans, building on our relationships with Kiwoko Hospital Missions Team, Luweero District. It was such a blessing to continue in this partnership of mission that was begun last year. Our main aims were to practically serve alongside local Christians, train young men in leadership, widen our perspective of mission and to grow in love, humility, and faith as disciples of Jesus Christ. 

What we did

We partnered with the local Kiwoko Hospital Missions Team doing a variety of mission activities. 

During our first week the main project was building a house for an elderly lady in the community. This lady could not afford to build a shelter and was abandoned by her family. Through the work of the local church and mission team we were able to construct a house for her. We started from basic foundations and at the end of the week she had a fully constructed house (with much help from the Ugandan builders!). [See photo above.] She was so grateful for the work we did and started preaching the good news out of gratitude. All her neighbors heard the gospel because of this lady’s gratitude.


The second week was focused on evanglism in many different places and settings ranging from the hospital, churches, schools and a prison.In the surrounding schools we shared gospel messages, performed dramas, sang songs and played games. This challenged every team member as they shared their testimony or a gospel message for up to 400 children. God was present and we fully relied on him in many situations where we felt extremely inadequate. It was in these situations we saw the power of God at work. 

preaching at a school

Patrick, 25 year old medical student from Belfast, shares about a lesson he learned while preaching in a Ugandan prison:

“This was a humbling experience for me as the whole time I was thinking who am I to speak to these men about hardship and trusting God when I come from such a different background. It was reflecting on this that I realised that actually it didn't matter who I was because the Gospel is its own authority. It is not me but Christ who works through me. This was a relief to realise that preaching isn't about me coming up with my own clever words but rather quite simply presenting The Word.”

[Also see Paul Mahony's story of his experience speaking to a group of prisoners.] 


Stephen Robinson, 19 year old engineering student from Belfast, shares about how this trip has impacted him:

“Challenge. That is how I describe my trip. This challenge that I felt, however, was not a bad thing. I think it was exactly what I needed in my relationship with God. God worked through me in Uganda, there is no doubt in my mind about that. He took hold of this fear that I had and made me realise that it was not important. My insecurities or anxieties that I felt were a barrier between me and these people and in order for the Lord to work through me, they had to go. And that is exactly what God did.”

Phil Morrison is from Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. He served as the Kairos Mission Director in Uganda. He is currently in the Servants of the Word International Formation program in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. 

"We were very grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside Kiwoko Hospitals Mission Team as they carried out local mission work."

"As a team, the scripture verse, 

'He must become greater; I must become less' (John 3:30) became one which we continually prayed into."

“God is good all the time, and all 
the time, God is good!”

"We experienced the goodness of God as a team through fellowship, prayers, stories, laughter, service, new friendships, challenges, and so much more!”

"God was at work through us and in us. For each individual, this was a time of full reliance on God."


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