December 2014 / January 2015 - Vol. 77
  Kairos EME 2014 Bible Week
Kairos EME Bible Week held in Northern Ireland - July 2014
Bible Week - Summer 2014

Learning and Growing Together in the Word of God

Resting and Reliance
Mary McCarthy | Dublin, Ireland

Bible Week 2014 was my first-ever Bible Week, and I really hope it wasn’t my last! Being at Kilmore House, nestled for a week in the rolling Glens of County Antrim in the north of Ireland, alongside a group of young people who were hungry to grow in their relationship with God is an experience that I hope I will never forget or stop thanking God for.

I could feel the Holy Spirit’s presence throughout the whole week, from the silence of our morning meditations to the soft murmur of group discussion and the joyous laughter during mealtimes. Every day of Bible Week was a warm, gentle and affirming reminder of God’s love for me and his perfect plan for my life in him. I learned that putting my complete reliance in Jesus is imperative in living out a Christian life, and that the importance of daily morning prayer cannot be over-emphasised.

Karl Ghosn | Beirut, Lebanon

Bible Week 2014 was a very good week, full of fun activities, Bible teaching and prayer times. There were two main things in this Bible Week that really helped me focus on God. First, there was no internet coverage in the area we were in, so we were a little isolated from the outside world. This really helped in setting aside our families, our problems, our friends, even our boyfriends and girlfriends. We were set apart for the Lord.

Secondly, we had 28 people at Bible Week. This small number of people really gave us a chance to know each other well, and not just by name. Even though we were from different countries and different cultures, we quickly built close friendships. What always amazes me at Kairos events is that we can quickly and easily become helpers and encouragers for each other despite the fact that we don’t know each other that well at the start.
Bible Week - Preparation for Mission
Mark McMorrow | Dublin, Ireland

My experience of Kairos events this year was somewhat unexpected: I had failed to realize what it would entail to attend a week-long event going straight into another trip four days later. Far from the usual experience of “Retreat, Recuperate, Repeat”, I found myself thrust from the rolling downs of Belfast country, surrounded by like-minded Christians, straight into the heart of Glasgow city center, offering prayer to some people who might not have had any experience of Christ except through the media. It was a challenging and eye-opening experience.

For me, Bible Week was very much a week of preparation. It was the time one spends in training before setting out to accomplish something amazing. It was the time one spends before the battle donning one’s armor. It was Aragorn giving his speech before storming the Black Gate, if the Black Gate was Glasgow and Aragorn was Don Schwager!

On the very first day of Bible Week, I received a word that I would leave Northern Ireland with a heart for evangelism. Th is word was confirmed for me during our introduction session when Tadhg, who was leading, picked three random people out of the audience to give examples of what the Lord would say to us during the week. “Mark”, he said, looking me in the eye. “You will leave here a changed man.”

Kairos mission
                            2014 Glasgow

The Glasgow mission was amazing in a different way. Until the first day of mission in Glasgow, my experience of Christian events that I had attended - I’d never been on a mission trip before - consisted of flattening out a nice patch of grass somewhere in the country and telling each other how wonderful we were. With regards to preparation for mission, that would be akin to charging the Black Gate with a toothpick.

As it was, we were fully fitted with “the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, and the readiness in our feet that comes from the gospel of peace.” Thusly equipped, we were seen safely through the challenging week of mission in Glasgow, from which we emerged tired, worn, but with a light in our eyes and a peace in our hearts that comes only from God. A special thanks to all the staff on Bible Week, to the Community of the Risen Christ who hosted and helped us during our stay in Glasgow, and to everyone in Kairos who made it all possible.

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