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                    Salvation Born - Incarnation video teaching series
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Leaven for Living
A New Weekly Video Teaching Series Available to All

.An interview with John Yocum
Leaven for Living is a video teaching series project sponsored by the Sword of the Spirit and is aimed at engaging Christians in their daily pursuit of the Lord. Each teaching series focuses on a topic that is meant to embolden and encourage each participant. The series consist of lively talk as well as a brief reading from classic and contemporary Christian sources. Participants receive questions to foster personal reflection and application of the teaching. These questions and the course content can be used individually, on the commute to work, or you may want to go through the material together with a discussion group.

During the Forty Days of Lent last year (2017), the Sword of the Spirit offered a weekly teaching video series called Leaven for Living: Crushing the Serpentís Head. This series focused on the victory of Jesus Christ in the resurrection and was entitled,
Crushing the Serpentís Head.

In the following interview, John Yocum, who is the organizer for the teaching series, tells us what is ahead for Leaven for Living.

John, what is your vision for Leaven for Living?

We want to offer brothers and sisters in the Sword of the Spirit and beyond an opportunity to hear strong, inspiring and formative spiritual teaching from some of our leaders.

Our hope is that itís not only intellectually informative and interesting Ė and we do aim for
that Ė but also touches peopleís hearts and impacts their relationship with the Lord.

You offered the first installment during the 40 Days of Lent last year (2017). How was that received?

Crushing the Serpentís Head had around 300 participants, and almost all of them stuck with the course through all seven sessions. I was surprised at the number who signed up, and even more surprised at the percentage that stayed the course.

We gave an opportunity for feedback after the course and overall it was very positive. There were enough critical comments that Iím confident the responses were sincere. We also had some helpful suggestions that I think will help us serve people better in the upcoming series. So, overall, I think it was an excellent first run.

From Glory to Glory video teaching
                            series by DanKeating

What plans do you have for expanding the program in the future?

This past autumn (2018) we offered a four-part series entitled From Glory to Glory, Transformation in Christ, which was taught by Dan Keating.

Beginning in December 2018 we are offering a new series entitled, Our Salvation Born. This is a weekly three-part video teaching series that focuses on the the Incarnation of Jesus. There is a profound reason why the feast of Christmas has become so very important for Christians. Its importance lies precisely in the question of "who" this child is. It is this question which opens up the great mystery of the Incarnation. This series will start on December 5 and will be given by Jim Kolar, a gifted teacher from the Christ the Redeemer Community in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. This series is free and anyone can
sign up online by clicking this link.

Two more series are in the planning stages for the upcoming 40 Days of Lent (February and March 2019), and a future summer series in 2019 as well.

Can people who are not in the Sword of the Spirit participate?

Absolutely. Reaching a broader audience is one of our aims. How can someone sign up for Leaven for Living?

Simply go to

[Dr. John Yocum is an elder in the Servants of the Word and teaches at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit, Michigan, USA.]

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