February 2008 - Vol. 16

A Spiritual Journey of Poems for Lent
by Jeanne Kun

The centurion askes Jesus to heal his servant

Lord, I Am Not Worthy

Lord, I am not worthy.

With the startling humility
of one who knows himself in truth
and with faith so bold and sure that you marveled,
the centurion won your favor, Lord,
(and your praise as well).

I too have found grace
(and the largesse of your favor)
as often as Iíve followed suit
and made his plea my own:

Lord, I am not worthy.

Now I am wholly in debt to you,
for there is no just nor fair return
that I can make, O Lord,
for all your kindnesses to me:
not for the abundant mercies tender and severe
youíve shown to me,
nor for pardon granted me
(that plenteous redemption releasing me from all my sin),
nor for provision
you so wisely weigh and measure to my need.

Lord, I am not worthy.

Unequal is the gift I bring to you
for all these gifts you've given me,
and yet I offer all I have:
my gratitude and gladness,
the tribute of a humbled heart.

Lord, I am not worthy.

Copyright (c) 2004 by Jeanne Kun


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