February 2010 - Vol. 37.

.Who Will Raise Tomorrow's Heroes? 
by Michael Shaughnessy

Standard Dictionary Definitions

Hero: one regarded as a model; a person of outstanding moral character or one who has performed an act of great courage.

Courage: the mental or moral strength to face and withstand danger, fear or difficulty.

A Dallas Morning News article tells of teachers who no longer ask their students, “Who are your heroes?” since too many students can't come up with any. When they ask a boy who his heroes are, all he can think of is someone who has fame and money. Add good looks and you have the girl's list. Kids don't want to imitate them – they just want the fame, money and good looks. We live in an age with few great heroes for kids to imitate.

Fortunately, the world doesn't run on great heroes; it runs on little heroes: men and women who do what is noble, just, courageous and true – every day of their lives. It is today's parents, the little (family) heroes that will raise tomorrow's heroes, both small and great.

Raise a little hero. Some day he may be a big one. The world is going to need them.

[Mike Shaughnessy is an elder in The Servants of the Word and the Director of Kairos in North America. Kairos is an international federation of outreaches to high school, university and post university aged people.].

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