February 2010 - Vol. 37.
Tabor House 
.a publishing resource for members of the Sword of the Spirit 
...by Jerry Munk

Tabor House is a ministry of the North American Region of the Sword of the Spirit. It publishes resources for members of the Sword of the Spirit and makes those resources available through the Tabor House on-line book store: www.taborpub.com. In addition to this on-line book store, each of the member communities in the North American region has a local book table to make Tabor House books readily available to members and guests. Many of the books produced by Tabor House are "classic" books from the early days of the covenant-community movement. Slowly, however, new material is being developed and added to the Tabor House catalog, so check the website from time to time for new titles. [In the works: Bob Tedesco, former president of the North American Region, is putting the finishing touches on a powerful (but yet unnamed book) on the Sword of the Spirit. Don Schwager's book, Servants of Jesus Christ, is also nearing completion.]

Reading is a powerful means of Christian growth. Unfortunately, reading Christian books is not as popular as it used to be. Other media and the busyness of everyday life seem to have squeezed reading from the schedules of many. Some members of the Sword of the Spirit find it helpful to make a commitment to Christian reading in addition to their reading the Bible. Including in your Christian reading books about the life and mission of the Sword of the Spirit helps to build a deeper understanding of God's work in and through Christian community. 

In 2010, the Sword of the Spirit is celebrating the 40th anniversary of charismatic, covenant, Christian community. The book, Building Christian Communities by Steve Clark (Ave Maria Press, 1972) laid out a foundational concept upon which the Sword of the Spirit was eventually built. If you have never read this book (or if it has been decades since you last read it) consider reading it and growing in your understanding of the roots of the Sword of the Spirit. (Note: Building Christian Communities was last printed in 1992 and has not been available for many years. Tabor House received special permission from the original publisher to print 200 copies for the Sword of the Spirit. When those copies are gone, the book will again be out of print. If you want a copy, do not delay.)

[Jerry Munk is the publisher for Tabor House and a coordinator of Work of Christ Community in Lansing, Michigan, USA. He is the author of Life in the Spirit Seminar for Children, available from Tabor House.].

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