January 2011 - Vol. 46

.Mobile Households 

a new venture in mission and discipleship training

by Anthony Eid

Note: Living community life together in households dates back to the beginnings of the covenant community movement in the late 1960s and early 70s. Household living in the Sword of the Spirit has taken a variety of forms – a married couple and their children sharing a home with single people, two or more married couples and their children living a common life together, a group of single men or a group of single women living together. Anthony shares with us a variation of household living for people involved in mission.
A non-stationary household?
In and of itself, the term household is simple and usually refers to a bunch of folks living together under one roof. However, the word “household” in Sword of the Spirit circles usually refers to a house where men or women share life together in a formative Christian environment characterized by daily prayer, discipleship, and mission. When Dave Quintana, alias "Q" (an elder in the Servants of the Word who is originally from the United States),  invited Tadhg Lynch (from  Ireland) and myself (from Lebanon) to join him in organizing a travelling, temporary household, we had to settle on a name for our new venture. We thought of describing ourselves as a roaming household, a roving household, and a revolving household, but in the end we settled on "a mobile household."

Anthony (left) texting last minute message before hitting the road

On the road
The three of us set out with our Ford Focus estate “station wagon”, full to the gills with a detailed map of Europe (no GPS system), three travel mugs, luggage, and lots of bibles, newsletters, and brochures. Ok, so the mobile household is three Servants of the Word dudes living household life in one car as they tour Europe, right? True, but not quite.

Doing a road trip around Europe is one of the nice side effect of the missionary plan we have for the year. The main motivations behind the Mobile Household are three-fold: 

  1. Running temporary young men’s households (1-2 weeks each) in the European and Middle East region of the Sword of the Spirit – times set aside for the participants’ growth as disciples and as servants of God and his people. 
  2. Spending roughly one month in each Sword of the Spirit community in the region. This extended time will allow Servants of the Word, the missionary brotherhood of the Sword of the Spirit, to invest more in communities where Servants of the Word do not presently have a household. 
  3. Joining in and strengthening the missionary work throughout the region at the university and secondary school level, and especially encouraging and challenging our young men to grow as disciples.

Tadhg (right front) with participants in the Glasgow household

This exciting year of mission began in Glasgow on the second of September. During that month, we put on a week-long men’s household with nine fine lads (17-26 years), joined University Christian Outreach (UCO) Glasgow as they kicked off their exciting year of student outreach and mission, visited different groups (like YWAM in Paisley and 24/7 Prayer) to talk about intentional community,  and we also enjoyed participating in the life of the Community of the Risen Christ.

Anthony (center) with two men in the household in Bielsko-Bala

After a blessed and fruitful month in Glasgow, we traveled to Bielsko-Biala, Poland, through 40 hours of European roads linked by an England-to-Belgium ferry and an overnight stop at a friend’s place in Ekerlenz, Germany. In Bielsko-Biala, we visited the City on a Hill Community and we ran two 10-day temporary households with three 18-year-old young men each. The households’ main focus was on a young man’s relationship with God, focusing on character traits of being a son, servant, soldier and a subject of the King. Among other events that month, we helped run the community’s students autumn retreat, which was essentially a Fan into Flame weekend (from Paul’s letter to his young disciple Timothy – 2 Tim. 1:6-7) or, in other words, a condensed weekend variation of the Life in the Spirit Seminars.  The students, who seldom get together for retreats, came from various universities around the southwest of Poland. The weekend proved to be a blessed time with a clear and rich outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the students individually as well as corporately. The Lord seemed intent on envisioning and exhorting them to pursue and build student outreaches in their local situations.

Anthony (left), Tadhg (center), and Q on a hiking excursion 

Our third mobile household destination of the year was in Munich, Germany. We spent two weeks with the Munich YMCA, a missionary community with strong ties to the Sword of the Spirit, and plugged into their two week evangelistic outreach program entitled “Faithlift.” We stayed at the YMCA Hotel in in central Munich and were joined by an inspiring team of 12 from a missionary charismatic community,  FCJG (Freie Christliche Jugendgemeinschaft Free Christian Youth Community), in Lüdenscheid. Fourteen consecutive days of street evangelism and outreach in the city of Munich, coupled with daily morning and evening prayer, created a significant spiritual buzz both for the city of Munich and for us. It was a great privilege sharing the gospel with people on the streets, proclaiming the name of Jesus in Munich’s busy square and seeing people giving their lives to the Lord and coming into relationship with Jesus Christ.

December break
We then headed for a three-day rest in the beautiful town of Swanage in the south of England, where friends have loaned us their summer house. We spent Advent and Christmas with the Servants of the Word household in London, our base for the year. We look forward to an exciting second term of mission and mobility in 2011!
Words from a few household participants who joined our temporary households in Glasgow and Poland:

Maciej Moll (18, Bielsko-Biala, Poland): "In household I've learned how to have normal, everyday prayer and make it deeper. My relationship with God is now different, but in good way. The brothers showed us how to find happiness in little things."

Matthew Flynn (21, UCO mission leader Glasgow, Scotland): “Mission Household is a young man’s opportunity to live in the 'Parachute Corps.' High octane, close brotherhood, and single-minded tenacity for the Lord: Ooo-ra.”

Joe McGill (17, Glasgow, Scotland): "The household experience was great! A real mix of fellowship, encouragement and prayer meant that everyone was called on in their life as a young Christian man."

Daneil Spokoinyi (20, Glagsow, Scotland): “I think the household was a time of brotherhood, prayer and growth. It gave me a good kick-off for the year and a lot of confidence to face all the challenges of the upcoming year in Glasgow.”


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