July/August 2010 - Vol. 41

The Freedom of Truth

by Rachel Moran

I went on the Kairos Weekend not knowing what to expect, but very excited. The topic for the weekend was ‘Truth’, which intrigued me. I wondered how an entire weekend could be based on something so straightforward – I thought ‘truth’ was pretty plain and simple.

After thirteen hours of travel, finally we arrived in Augsburg, Germany. The opening talk of the weekend was given by Sam Geleyn, simply titled ‘Truth!?’ It challenged and inspired me. It gave me a real desire to fully enter into the weekend and to explore what God might have for me.

The following day the women had an excellent session with Monika and Anna Stock [mother and daughter] about the lies that we, as women, have often believed. We took the opportunity to actively reject these lies and made decisions to no longer believe them. The Lord really called me this weekend to reject a particular lie that I have believed for many years: that I am stupid, unintelligent, and unable.

I know this lie has been holding me back in many ways, particularly from delving into a deeper relationship with the Lord. I know the Lord values me and wants more for me; but I’ll only be able to get there and live in the Truth if I begin by rejecting this lie.

For all of us, Truth is an area that the Lord wants us to deal with. By facing and rejecting the lies that have gotten a hold over us we can be healed from the pain and hurt they have caused us. I have been inspired this Weekend by renewed relationships which have given me great hope. I leave the Kairos Weekend this
year with a strong desire to serve the Lord and get to know him better!

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