July/August 2010 - Vol. 41

.The Challenge to Change

by Raphael Miller

Sometimes the Truth is hard to handle. We can turn away from the Truth because often it presents a challenge to us: the challenge to change. Through a series of talks and small group discussions over the weekend, I realised that change isn’t always easy. Most of what was discussed were things I already “knew,” but
had turned away from without realising. By hearing the experiences of others, I began to realise that all of us need to be guided by Truth, because God is Truth. My faith can be renewed by Truth.

One of the speakers [Andy Pettman] quoted the words of Anselm of Canterbury, “Credo ut intelligam”: I believe so that I may understand. Faith and Truth cannot be without one another. [Andy] went on to explain how God leaves a gap in all of us, so that we may fill it with his Truth – which comes from him alone. Through this constant sharing of experiences in small groups, we realised we all struggle with the same lies and falsehoods, but in this we can acknowledge we have the same gap.

Sometimes, we have to make a sacrifice if we want God’s Truth to fill that gap. If we want to become real disciples we eventually have to give into the Truth that compels us to change, even if it is painful at first. The Kairos Weekend was one of the places where this became real. Dozens of us left the Weekend with an amazing drive to change for the sake of Christ and the knowledge and love of Truth.

Truth is one of our greatest spiritual weapons. Without it we can do nothing with the evil and temptation we face as young people. On the Kairos Weekend, we came together from many countries and denominations, yet in all of our individual journeys there is still one truth. As we are united through one Spirit, we are united by one truth.

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