July/August 2011 - Vol. 51

.Go Forth In Great Confidence
song by Stacey Whitfield

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from the album, Rise Up, O Men of God,
produced by The Servants of the Word
vocalists - members of the Servants of the Word
Words and Music - Stacey Whitfield (c) copyright 1980 The Word of God

Soldiers preparing for war
Anointed with power by your King.
Now gird up the loins of your mind
That you may be fully prepared.

Go forth now in great confidence
For you shall not be put down.

Who is the captain of your army
Let him ride out ahead of you
Preparing the path you are to take
Then riding alongside of you.

Robed in the strength of your God
And clothed in the armor he provides
Is there one to overcome you
No, you shall not be disturbed at all.

God alone is your rock
A fortress for you in time of need.
And he is the source of your strength
Without him you could not succeed.

Know too the love of your brethern
Let it encourage you.
For though you go forth from their midst
Still you remain one with them.

Go forth now in great confidence
For you shall not be put down.
For your God goes forth with you
You shall not be put down.

[Sr. Stacey Whitfield is a member of the Servants of God's Love, a religious community located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, US.]

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Rise Up, O Men of God, a music CD, produced and sung by the Servants of the Word, can be purchased from Tabor House
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