July/August 2011 - Vol. 51.

Jesus heals the demoniac, by Julius Schnor, 1860

Legion Unchained 
by John McCabe

I was drawn by the moon’s moods;
Held captive more firmly in the mind’s chains
Than fetters binding my body
Against the lure of her lunacy.
I raged – enslaved by the demons of my compulsion:
Fleeing naked past the safe houses of apparent sanity.
Primeval werewolf haunting the tombs,
Seeking elusive light; searching residual remains
For missing links of a right mind.

Sometimes depression hovered like a maddening darkness
Until my eyes glazed and strained in the heat
Of pains’ warring in my mind.
I mutilated my body seeking to sever
The grim grip of fear:
Sought by a letting of blood
Freedom from anguish coursing through my veins.
Sometimes despair surged like a reckless wind
Above the sea’s calm breathing,
Goading the caress of her waves
To a violence of foaming breakers;
Tearing the crusted shore with undisciplined power,
Demented and immeasurable strength.

It was after such a storm
When the sea was a child sleeping 
After a passing  fever, a man came to my troubled shore;
Rebuked my elemental captors with the calm of a stilling word;
Drew pain from me as thorns that plagued my flesh.
I saw terror rush in the mindless flight of swine
And dungeoned in far vaulted depths
Fathoms beyond my reach.

Today I move volitionally –
 Witness to the unchained
 Power of a loving word.

© 2011 John McCabe

John McCabe is an Irish writer and broadcaster. He holds an honors graduate in Arts and degree in Theology. He has a keen interest in Irish, Welsh and English Contemporay poetry as well as Modern European and American literature. 
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