July/August 2012 - Vol. 61

A Report on the 2012 Sword of the Spirit International Coordinators Meeting, continued

Covenant of Full Membership with Sword of the Spirit

On Saturday evening during the general assembly, four senior coordinators, on behalf of their respective communities, signed the covenant of full membership with the Sword of the Spirit along with Jean Barbara, President of the Sword of the Spirit.

Jim Kolar, senior coordinator of Christ the Redeemer Community in St. Paul, Minnesota (2nd right)

The coordinators of La Nueva Jerusalen, from Miami, Florida, witness the signing of the covenant 
of full membership with the Sword of the Spirit

Brendan Lynch, senior coordinator of Nazareth Community in Dublin (2nd right)

Romeo Fernando, senior coordinator of Jesus the Good Shepherd Community in Vasai, India (2nd right)

The coordinators of Jesús es el Señor, from Quito, Ecuador, witness the signing of the covenant 
of full membership with the Sword of the Spirit

Prophetic Words from the Lord

During the Sunday evening prayer session a number of prophetic words were given to the assembly of coordinators.

A couple of prophetic words described the image of a gathering storm in a time of spiritual conflict and turmoil.

 “The clouds are darkening. The darkness will come quicker than we can imagine. Be urgent to prepare people for the time of increasing darkness. Do not put off what I have told you to do.”

“What’s coming is coming sooner. It will be a fiercer spiritual battle. We don’t have time to wait around. The Lord wants his people to fight this spiritual battle now. The Lord will pour out spiritual gifts and power as we engage in mission and fight for him.” 

The Lord promised to give “streams of living water” (John 7:37-39) and a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit to those who seek him (Ephesians 5:18).

One prophetic word was addressed to the younger men of the Sword of the Spirit:

“The Lord says, ‘my young men, my Timothys, love wisdom. I intend to give you wisdom. Apply yourself to wisdom, and I will give you wisdom.’”

Concluding Remarks

At the conclusion of the four days of meetings, Jean Barbara gave three exhortations to the coordinators.

Jean said, “The ‘open door’ prophecy is an invitation to go through an open door for personal holiness… Tonight, we received a prophecy that is very relevant in that regard: I have imparted to you a great deal through your encounters with your brothers, I have imparted to you through the teachings, I have shepherded you directly. I have changed you as individuals and as a group of men. I don’t want you to go back to business as usual, but to carve out time in the days and weeks ahead to reflect on what I have said to you and done for you. Take time, carve out time so that what I have done for you will have its effects. It is important to me that you do this.

Jean remarked that the “open door” prophecy also has to do with mission and working with young people. He said it is more than an invitation, rather, it is a command for all the regions and communities of the Sword of the Spirit to move forward courageously and take new territory for the Lord. Jean concluded with a prophetic word given during the evening assembly: “I have built you for more. In the midst of your trials and difficulties, cry out to me and remember that I have built you for more. I will spread and grow this work. Remind me, ‘You have built me for more’.”

“Thirdly,” Jean said, “this International Coordinators Metting (ICM) was not simply a personal retreat, or a time to talk about our mission and Kairos, or simply a time for prayer meetings and personal sharings, no matter how good they were. This was a solemn assembly of the coordinators of the Sword of the Spirit. It was important that you were here and I am sorry that some were not able to attend (I believe for good reasons). As of today please make a note of May 2016 in your personal and community calendars for the 4th ICM and make every effort that your coordinators and main Kairos leaders attend. May the Lord bless us and grant us the grace and wisdom and power to go back home and lead our brothers and sisters to be saints, missionaries and martyrs!”

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ICM 2012 Report continued

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