Lent 2013 - Vol. 66

plague of blood

plague of frogs

plague of gnats

plague of flies

plague of livestock

plague of boils

plague of hail

plague of locusts

plague of darkness

plague of the firstborn
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The Ten Plagues
Art series by Yvette Rock

Artist Statement

The Ten Plagues series revolves around biblical themes, imagery and language.  I am drawn to the truth and beauty found in the Old and New Testaments from the harshness and awesomeness of the ten plagues, to the glory and compassion of the crucifixion. 

I connect scripture to everyday life using painting, drawing, collage and mixed media to reflect universal experiences such as love, anger, violence, hope, disparity, poverty, sickness and redemption. 

Christianity Today Magazine, January 2013 Issue, featured a special video presentation on Yvette Rock and her recent series of art work, Ten Plagues of Detroit

The Art of Restoration Amidst Detroit's Ruined Walls How the vision of a restored city informs Detroit artist Yvette Rock's haunting work.

Yvette Rock currently resides in the inner city of Detroit, Michigan with her husband Joshua and their four children. They are members of Word of Life community and Detroit Community Outreach. Joshua is the Director for Youth-Works Detroit, an inner city youth outreach of the Sword of the Spirit. 

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To see more of Yvette's art work and a complete bio, visit her website: http://www.yvetterock.com/


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