March 2012 - Vol. 58

Bsharreh covered with snow, Lebanon, watercolor, 32x24 cms, by David Kurani

Landscapes in Lebanon

new art work series - Part 4
by David Kurani

Bsharreh, the subject of the first picture, is a town where generations of Christians maintained their faith even in high, remote mountains. It is at the farthest inland end of Qadisha, "valley of the saints". The nearby cedars may be seen as symbols of this strong faith.

Tyre was a once-mighty and (in)famous Phoenician port in Old Testament times, but also where Jesus healed the Canaanite woman. It has a small Christian population to this day, many of whom are traditional fishermen.

Tyre harbor scene, Lebanon, watercolor, 62x46 cms, by David Kurani.
From the artist:  I love painting landscapes and nature - just going outside and looking at it is medicine for my soul. I feel palpably better after gazing at it. To try and capture some of its beauty and upbuilding effects can be both a challenge and a relaxation at the same time. And I feel happy contentment if I am able to capture some of it and bring it inside to those who cannot go outside so much, or to the particularities of that interesting place/time/light.

Of course God is behind it all. The scenery is his handwriting, the weather his mood, the appreciation of them his inspiration and the creative process his impulse built on his precedent. I am reminded of a thought offered by Bernard of Clairvaux which goes, in effect: "The beauty around us is meant to remind us of, and point us towards, the perfection of beauty in its author and creator, our God." I thank God every time I finish a picture; I feel each one is a gift from him.

Lebanon's natural bridge in Faqra, watercolor, 51x35 cms, by David Kurani
David is a noted Lebanese landscape artist. He teaches classes in art and theater at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. David has exhibited widely in art galleries and private collections throughout Lebanon, Europe, and the USA. He recently completed a 6-month sabbatical dedicated to painting the Lebanese landscape. He and his wife Gisele and their three sons are active members of the People of God in Lebanon, a member community of the Sword of the Spirit. 

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