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An Open Door
for Mission

Highlights from the International Coordinators Meeting in Santo Domingo 
– May 2-6, 2008

special report by Don Schwager, editor
photos by Nico Angleys

Some 265 coordinators and mission leaders, from 64 communities and 22 countries, came together for the second International Coordinators Meeting (ICM) of the Sword of the Spirit, which was held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, May 2-6, 2008. The ICM was graciously hosted by Comunidad Cuerpo de Cristo (Body of Christ Community) in Santo Domingo. 

The focus for the ICM was on moving forward the mission of the Sword of the Spirit. Kairos mission coordinators and directors – those serving youth and university students – joined community coordinators in discussing how mission can be advanced internationally, regionally, and locally throughout the Sword of the Spirit. There was a renewed sense from the Lord that the time of harvest is ripe for evangelization and for building Christian communities – and that the Lord is offering a new door of grace and opportunity for advancing in mission. 

This time of reaching out in mission includes our own children – both by helping them grow as disciples of Christ and by involving them in outreach. 

Impressions from participants

From the first strum of the guitar as we began to worship the Lord, I began to experience a wave of God’s grace crashing over us. Our Father ministering to his sons, refreshing us, healing us, preparing us for battle. Even though we worked long days, intense days, I left the ICM with renewed hope and confidence that our Lord who began a good work in us will bring it to completion. “Let all proclaim to the glory of God, Jesus Christ is Lord.”
Dave Touhill
People of Hope, New Jersey

For me, the ICM was a retreat, a boot camp, and a formative environment. From the first moment when we gathered together, the Lord's presence was palpable. Oh what refreshment, to experience God deeply in our worship, and to enjoy strong brotherly relationships with the other coordinators from around the world! But above all, our meeting was marked throughout by vigorous reminders of our call and mission. We received our marching orders from the Lord: move forward, seize the land, receive God's grace. For many of the coordinators of Ligaya [Joy of the Lord community in Manila, Philippines] who were present at the ICM, this international gathering was a much needed shot in the arm. We pledge ourselves to return to our home community and lead our brothers and sisters further along in accomplishing our mission.
Jake Yap, 
Ligaya Community, Manila, Philippines

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The International Coordinators Meeting included times of daily worship, intercession, reflection on God's word to us, and seeking the Lord together for renewed vision and empowerment for mission. 

The Lord spoke clearly, powerfully, and consistently. He is opening new doors for mission. As we step out in faith and walk through these doors we will find the resources needed for mission. The Lord himself goes ahead to prepare the way for mission. He calls us to risk all for him in stepping out in faith. He is anointing us in a new way and giving us spiritual gifts for mission. 

The Lord wants his servants to take new ground for mission and to serve with the spiritual authority and gifts he is pouring out. 

For those who have labored for many years and grown weary, he offers healing, freedom, and fresh empowerment for service. The Lord wants us to advance and to take our place in the front lines, not holding back out of fear or the desire to retire to our comfort zones. 

In particular the Lord wants the younger generations to step out in faith and boldness to carry the mission forward. He is looking for a response of generosity, giving all to him for his glory. 

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A translator in the ICM
I am sitting in my translation booth at the ICM in Santo Domingo. I came here to serve as translator for the Spanish speakers of the Sword of the Spirit. When you are a member of the Sword of the Spirit, you know what to expect from an international event: a lot of people, impressive times of worship, getting up early in the morning, having all your conversations about how your community works and what outreach you are in. But, as a community kid who was invited to the international coordinators meeting, I didn’t know what to expect from this kind of event.  And at the end, it doesn’t really matter what you expect, the Lord does something completely different.

I have spent four days among the pillars of my community. I have seen the very guys whose shoulders bear all the weight of the call of God to be a community of disciples on mission. I have seen them worship together, laugh together, and sit down in the Lord’s presence to listen him as servants who listen to their Lord. If I was allowed to say only one thing about my experience here as a community kid I would say to my generation: Brothers and sisters from around the Sword of the Spirit, we received from our parents a work that has cost every drop of sweat and blood in their body. We received the gift of their sacrifice and their zeal for the call of the Lord. We cannot let this work die with them. We must take our place as living stones in the bulwark, and offer our lives as a sacrifice, just like our parents have. 

Miguel Vargas
Tree of Life Community, San Jose, Costa Rica

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