May/June 2011 - Vol. 50

Draw Me Forth

a new song by Ed Conlin

Behold my life before you, no longer mine…
Deeper surrender that the life of Christ be lived in me!

Draw me forth Lord I cannot stay here, 
You are ever beyond, I would ever be near.
Speak your word and have your way with me,
For I am your servant O Lord – and I would ever be.

One precious gift you give me, one life to live.
May I live Christ amidst a world that needs to see you Lord!

Let not my heart grow weary, my eyes grow dim.
Until I see the face of God I’ll not be satisfied!

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song and words: Ed Conlin
vocalist: Stevie Jordan
Chorus: DSO interns

This song is a response to love. It seems that infinite love could settle for nothing less than everything from me. The words are a prayer for holiness and to be caught up in the relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – the  one eternal exchange of infinite Love. This past year, I have sensed God drawing me out of complacency – subtle contentment with comfortable spiritual living. God’s love could never leave us just where we are, since we are made to bear his infinite Love.

 Draw Me Forth Lord, I cannot stay here. You are ever beyond, I would ever be near.

As they say in the AA/NA [Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous] recovery meetings, “The day I stop improving my recovery is the day I begin to relapse.”  So is it with our relationship with the Lord. If I am choosing to remain in suspended animation, and not respond to God’s ever-present offer to go “further up and further in,” then I am rejecting love in a basic way. 

Not to choose for more is actually to choose against love and therefore to choose to be less. I sincerely doubt that a person ”deeply in love” with their fiancée would do this. In a true love relationship, we can only desire to be the best we can be for the ”other.”

The truth is that I will never ever be really satisfied until I see the face of God.

Let not my heart grow weary O Lord! Please don’t let me stop pursuing you with all my being!
The prize is far too great, the pearl is far too precious, the Love is far too priceless!


Ed Conlin is a member of the Servants of the Word, a missionary brotherhood of men living single for the Lord. He lives in community in the inner city of Detroit, Michigan, USA, and works as a licensed substance abuse counselor and chaplain with the Capuchin Franciscan Ministries in Detroit.
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