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Michael Shaughnessy

Father Knows Best
Authority Under Fire
What's Wrong With Boys?
Signs of Hope among Our Young People
Who Will Raise Tomorrow's Heroes?
Youth and media: parents, are you paying attention?
Is Christian Youth Culture Possible?
Air Pressure

Yes, We Believe!: Standing for the truth in an age of unbelief and apostasy
Deliver Us from Evil: some practical tips for praying with youth
Back to the Future
The Double Life Syndrome: recognizing the challenge youth face
Distract - Seduce - Addict: Modern marketing promotes addictive behavior in youth

When You're Hot You're Hot: Striving for excellence in youth work
Parents, Keep Your Kids in the Real World
What Makes Youth Happy?
Uniting the Youth Work of the Sword of the Spirit

Vision for Christian Community: overview of Steve Clark's life in the development of covenant community 
The Beginnings of the Servants of the Word

Welcome to Heaven! Our worship of God transforms time and space, making them sacred
Inspired Psalms and Songs: Part III - A Practical Orientation to Prayer
Worship Is Our Service to God: Part II - A Practical Orientation to Prayer

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