November 2007 - Vol. 13

One Day Clearly
One Day Clearly

On earth we see God in a fragmented way, but we are the fragments, Jesus' hands and feet. The more we lay down our lives for God and those around us, the more the fragments come together, and one day heaven will come to earth.

About the Artist:

John Robinson grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is 20 years old and is currently a student at the University of Ulster art college in Belfast. He is a member of Charis Community and an evangelistic university student outreach group called TEC (Together Encounter Christ). John says, "These are an amazing bunch of people who are sold out for God, and he is stirring something exciting up among us, so stay tuned!" 

"At the present time I am primarily painting. The work I have developed this year is largely about experimenting with technique in painting; colour, composition, texture. The paintings do not tell stories, but they do create a sense of 'place'. My visual research for these paintings is to experience a place; a beach, a field, a forest, and to then try and depict something of what it felt like to be in that place. I believe the natural world can powerfully prevoke feeling and can take hold of all our senses if we let it, so I use the natural world as a logical starting point. Hopefully when people look at my paintings they will not just see but also feel."

Picture of a Wave


Rolling Bright

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