November 2011 - Vol. 54

New Shoulders, New Shapes 
by PM Graham

The taking of new ground. Abundance. An influx of people into our outreaches, and an outpouring of blessing in our life together. This has consistently been the Lordís promise to the Kairos generation. 

In his series of talks at Adelante, John Keating drew parallels between this generation and several sets of characters from Scripture: Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, young men of God living in exile, who obeyed the Lordís call to take root in a foreign land even while remaining faithful to his law, and so maintained a strong identity in him in the face of a society hungry for their assimilation; Queen Esther, who boldly refused to stand quietly by while her people are persecuted, and realised the Lord had put her in the position she is in ďfor such a time as thisĒ; and Joshua, who God commissioned with the daunting task of following Moses as the leader of his people, but whose mission looked very different from Mosesí.

At a glance, this seems like a confusing mishmash of disparate anecdotes. But these analogies perfectly captured the developing and diversifying of the Sword of the Spiritís mission, through Kairos, in these days. Not of this world, but called to love it stubbornly and mercifully, to be the instruments of its redemption, to change it at its very core, like Daniel and his friends in Babylon. Blessed with positions of influence but challenged to risk these, to risk credibility, popularity, worldly standards, with the spirit of martyrdom, like Esther daring to make demands of a king who fancied himself a god. Heirs to a call and to a people, but charged to lead them into battle against giants in an alien environment, rather than stagnate in a spirit of nervous sustainment, a Joshua generation, advancing across the Jordan and on to something new.

At Adelante, Martin Steinbereithner, who has overseen and inspired kingdom-building in the Sword of the Spirit for years, spoke of the Kairos generation inheriting the mantle of prophetic, radical discipleship from the previous, trailblazing generation of the Sword of the Spirit; a reference to Elisha taking on Elijahís cloak in 1 Kings 19, a symbolic acceptance of the mentorís mission. It struck me that the same mantle, on new shoulders, takes on a different shape. At Adelante, 800 new shoulders were invited to take on mantles. Be prepared for new shapes.

[Paul Michael (PM) Graham is currently serving as a missionary with Koinonia, the Kairos-affiliated university outreach in London, England.]

Special Kairos Report on Adelante Conference Ė August 2011

Adelante: The Vision

1. Calling young people to deeper conversion. Inviting us to meet the Lord in prayer and surrender our lives more fully with all we have.

2. Equiping for daily discipleship.
Offering concrete and practical ways in which we can live the full Christian life to which they are called.

3. Building relationships across nations and cultures. Providing an environment where we can deepen existing friendships and build new ones to support us in our faith.

4. Stiring vision for our life. Seeking and sharing what we believe the Lord is calling us to and how we live this out as Kairos.

5. Sending out for mission. Inspiring and empowering each other to do mission in our local situations and home outreaches.

Who We Are

Kairos is a Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment. In the Bible it is the time when God acts and we are invited to respond.

Kairos is founded on the Christian belief that God has a history with each of us, he has created us with gifts and talents, and he has a purpose for each of our lives. Through our programmes, trainings and environments, Kairos aims to form the kind of Christian character in young men and women that will help them discover that purpose and step into it with confidence. Most of the different Kairos works throughout Europe are associated with a particular university campus.

Kairos is the organisation that links and resources these works, helps train their leaders and provides programmes where students can serve together on mission trips and service projects. Kairos is the youth and university movement of the Sword of the Spirit: an international, ecumenical association of charismatic, covenant communities.

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