October 2006 - Vol. 1
Good Teacher by Carlos Mantica, Managua, Nicaragua
Lord, you know that I love you by Bishop George Bakouni of Tyre, Lebanon PLUS UPDATE ON WAR AFTERMATH
The Life of a Disciple: commentary on the Beatitudes by Steve Clark, President of The Sword of the Spirit
Mere Christian Community by Steve Clark, President of The Sword of the Spirit
Savoring God's Word by Jeanne Kun, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Four Profiles in Discipleship in the Gospel of John by Dr. Mark Whitters, Detroit, Michigan, USA
A Window of Opportunity: witnessing to university students by Nico Angleys, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Ezekiel's Call and Ours by Mercy Potter, London, United Kingdom
Unity and Diversity: The Lamb of God Community in New Zealand, by Roger Foley, Christchurch, NZ
Streams in a Thirsty Land: a personal experience of the war in Lebanon by Brian Shell, Beirut, Lebanon
Road to Emmaus: painting with the eyes of faith by John Dunne, Dublin, Ireland 
In His Presence: a new season of grace for songs of worship by Jane Terwilliger, Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA
The Redeemer: Bible Week 2006 by Gavin Walsh, London, United Kingdom
Fulness of Life: a Retreat for Single Women by Myriam Torres, Ypsilanti, Michigan

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