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October 2009 - Vol. 33
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Christians Courageous
The Gospel is a battle cry. The courage for victory comes from loving God above above all else.

by Charles Simpson

He Must Increase: Finding Our Identity in Christ, by Jan Munk
You Gotta Serve Somebody: Who Is the Freest of All? by Don Schwager
Our Ecumenism is Extra Nos, It's Not an Option, by Dave Hughes
Love of the Brethern: An Interdenominational Responsibility? by Steve Clark
The Joseph Story:
Narrative, Theology, and the Christian Hope, by Patrick Henry Reardon
Yes, We Believe! Standing for the truth in an age of unbelief and apostasy, by Michael Shaughnessy
Coming to a Decision, by Sarah Hughes
Meeting On the High Road, poem by Sean O'Neill
When All the Stars Become a Memory, poem by Joseph Mary Plunkett
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