September 2007 - Vol. 11

Africa Spring Rain Tree - watercolor by Jamie Treadwell

New Springs Rise

poems by Ana Teresa Carranza

Trees by the Stream

See the dry land, so thirsty,
A lifeless place without water?
See how the people look for truth,
Moving blind in the darkness?
They know no light.

Know that old things will pass
All is made new,
And He will make new springs rise
Gushing forth fresh water
For the peoples in need.

They will seek, and ask, and knock.
We have been planted here
To give them fruit, to stand as signs,
To guide men to the Light.
May we be deeply rooted, and shine. 

(A garland)

His blood fell
Like the first drops of paint
On the white canvas.
Witness witnessing,
Because he had seen
First jewel of the crown.

And life kept dripping, mixing, creating
Of colours and shapes,
Of light and of shade,
And what you and I do, today, and tomorrow
We paint;
Because we have seen,
Witnesses witnessing,
Living or dying, we paint
New jewels of the crown. 

[Ana Teresa Carranza, 21 years old, moved from Jesed Community in Monterrey, Mexico, to Antioch Community in London, UK. She is currently studying English literature and participates in Koinonia, the university outreach of Antioch Community in London.] 
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