September 2010 - Vol. 42

A Spiritual Vision Welded

by Marianne Kantert


Sheet metal, gold leaves, welding, 
height 78 cm



Conceived in prayer – a vision takes form 

During a time of prayer and worship at our 2007 Bread of Life spring community weekend I had a mental image or vision of hundreds of people drawn together and forming a large vessel reaching heavenward. I made a sketch of this image.

This vessel appeared to be filled with the light of God and the light was able to penetrate to the darker outside through gaps between the people.

I had the impression that this vessel represented the body of Christ God’s people, his church. Generations and generations of Christians have composed this body. It visually depicts how Christians are all inter-connected, those who came before us, those who are with us now, and those who will come after us. This trans-generational vessel connecting heaven and earth is built by God himself. 


Rejoicing together in hope

Some weeks later, after I had sketched this vision, I was invited along with other artists to compose a piece of art for the gathering of 600 Christians from Europe and Lebanon for the On Holiday week together in Belgium  that past August. 

The theme of the week long event was: Rejoicing Together in Hope – A Taste of Heaven

I felt intrigued and then the vision of a sculpture quickly came to my mind. In a flash I saw not just an idea or rough sketch, but the finished piece. I knew this was what I should create as a sculpture. The challenge was what technique to use. 

Rejoicing together in pain and suffering

Cutting the shapes of little figures out of a sheet of metal, literally hundreds of them, was exausting work. My fingers hurt and I got blisters on the palm of my hand. It also became quite boring, and I had to be alert, not to just cut the metal in a mechanical, lifeless way, but to do it purposefully, always remembering the theme of the summer event: Rejoicing Together in Hope – A Taste of Heaven. 

Through prayer and adoration

After a period of tedious work I started to listen to Christian music as I continued to prepare the metal figures. The music lifted my spirit to praise God in thanks and adoration. The sculpting was no longer just boring and difficult, but part of the prayer. And I realised that this experience was actually what this sculpture was about: God’s people, together, united by the light of God, through prayer and adoration, forming one body in Christ. 

Being a Christian and being part of the body of Christ is not always easy or comfortable. Christian love includes sacrifice, toil, and sweat. Sometimes we feel exausted, spent, and hurt. We get blisters and even bored sometimes. 

But the challenges and struggles didn’t stop me from pressing on with my work. For every disciple of Christ, the day-to-day challenges don’t stop us from pressing on. Jesus is with us every step of the way.

Pairs are ready to be welded…

… to form a vessel

Detail of inside of “People”

Gold leaves cause the inside of the sculpture to glow
Marianne Kantert lives in Olching, Germany near Munich. She pursued her art education at the Art Academy of Düsseldorf, Germany and the Academy of Fine Arts of Pretoria, South Africa. She has done various group and single exhibitions in Johannesburg, Pretoria, South Africa; Greenville, South Carolina, USA; London, UK; Beirut, Lebanon; and Munich, Germany. You can view her sculpture work at

Marianne and her husband Klemens are part of Bread of Life, a member community of the Sword of the Spirit, located in Munich, Germany.

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