September 2012 - Vol.  62

Kicked Through the Door
by Aaron Galer

The way I came to find myself in Detroit this summer is a story of how Jesus Christ opened a door for me, me walking past the open door, and Christ kicking me through the door.

I grew up in what I’ve come to believe is the most privileged of homes – my parents have been married 32 years, and even more steadfast in their relationship than their love for one another is their love for the Lord. Their number one goal in raising their 8 children is for the children to live for Jesus Christ and his kingdom.

As is customary with most teenage boys, I took for granted the blessed upbringing and God-given talents I have received. I began to use the gifts I had been given for self-serving purposes. Like the prodigal son in the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 15, I fled from the embrace of my heavenly father to indulge in the lies of Satan. 

However, despite my choice to go my own rebellious way – I didn’t  take into account the power and relentless perseverance of my mother’s prayers for me. Through countless events, retreats, living situations with other Christian men, and the example of solid men of God – these were all the doors I had been getting kicked through – the Lord Jesus was showing me how seriously he seeks me out – each moment of my life. 

Mike Shaughnessy, in his book, The Archangel of Westminster, describes how Satan takes things once pure – such as light, love, and service – and then twists them until they become the opposite of what God intended for us – darkness, lust, and selfishness. 

In my return to Jesus Christ over the past few years, I have had to combat my own selfishness with selfless-service. Through that change from serving self to serving others, the Lord has begun to reveal more of himself to me and has given me vision for the life I now want to live – one of complete surrender to his will.

My time with YouthWorks-Detroit this past summer has given me not only the opportunity to serve, but to rely completely on Jesus Christ. It has also changed my attitude towards the things I desire, and refocused my energy and plans for the coming year. The experience of living and serving in such a broken city has helped me to focus on my Savior and to keep my mind on him. He has shown me the need I have for him in my life, and he has humbled me through the witness of the poor in this city and their total trust in him.

I know that God will continue to bless my time of service in Detroit. Here’s to walking through the doors rather than being booted through.

[Aaron grew up in the Work of Christ Community in Lansing, Michigan, USA, and is the son of Craig and Jen Galer. He is a junior at Michigan State University (MSU), studying Business and Economics. Aaron is also actively involved in the University Christian Outreach (UCO) chapter at Michigan State University. He currently lives with the Servants of the Word in Lansing, and has been blessed over the past few years to do a bit of traveling to visit the UCO chapters in the United Kingdom and Canada.]

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