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Tadhg Lynch

• A Spring Day
• Controlled by the Love of Christ
• Landfall – a prose poem in three parts: Genesis, Fall, Redemption
• ΏAcia Que? – “Where To?” reflection on Adelante 2011 Conference
• "There is no darkness in him"
• There and Back Again: A Trip Around the World with Kairos New Zealand

• The Sins of the Fathers - Part I: The Economist
• The Sins of the Fathers - Part II: Touching the Void
• This is the Generation - God doesn't have grandchildren
 • The Belfast Road, a poem

• Where is the Love?
• Digesting the Word
• A Taste of Heaven Together: a happy holy holiday with Christian Communities from Europe & Lebanon
• Minding the Gap in London: speaking to university students about the gospel

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