About us

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The Sword of the Spirit is a growing network of some 90 Christian communities around the world that have a common vision, way of life, and spiritual culture. There are about 12,500 adult members plus about 5,000 children in our communities. We sometimes describe ourselves as a “community of communities.” Each community within the Sword of the Spirit is self-governing, but receives help in living out its life as a community from the sharing of resources with other communities around the world.

The Sword of the Spirit has a strong common culture that transcends our international differences. As a result, when members of different communities get together, even though they may be from different parts of the world, there is a very strong sense that we are part of the same international community of communities. One of the expressions of our common way of life is our celebration of the opening of the Lord’s Day – the opening of Sunday – on Saturday evening with prayers and a festive meal. The hallmarks of these times are joy and thanksgiving.

The Sword of the Spirit is ecumenical. Some of our communities are ecumenical in their make-up, with members who belong to various churches – Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox. Other communities are all one denomination. But the call of all our communities is to foster the unity of all Christians. While recognizing our differences, we look to see how we can share in the riches of one another’s Christian traditions and work together for Christ.