Regions and Zones

Regions and Zones

Most local communities are grouped into four established ‘regions’ (Asia, Europe & the Middle East, Ibero-America, North America); we also have some communities in the South Pacific where we do not yet have an established region.

Regions are established by the international government to be vehicles for the communities of the region to support one another and advance the common mission in the region.

Each region is led by a regional council.  Most of the work of each regional council goes to advancing the region and the communities in it, as decided by the region itself. In addition, the regions contribute to the advance of the international community of communities.

The regions are the primary places for strengthening the communities, building relationships and unity building, caring for local communities and for community support programs, regional youth programs and leaders formation programs.

Some regions are also broken down by geographic or culturally-specific ‘zones’ to further develop and support our life.

SOS Regions Map