Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

This is what the members of The Sword of the Spirit are all committed to hold in common in order to maintain their unity while recognizing diversity at the local and regional levels.

1. Our Call and Identity
We share a common identity and the same prophetic call from the Lord. We serve the church as one community of communities, ecumenical, international, charismatic and intergenerational. We are a community of disciples on mission.

2. Our Covenant Commitment
Our communities are committed to each other through our covenant of membership and therefore each member has a personal commitment to the members of the other communities. Each local covenant expresses in essential matters the same understanding of our commitment to God and to one another as members of the same people.

3. Our Way of Life
We are recognizable as a people because we have a way of life practiced in all our communities, that includes worship characterized by charismatic praise, openness to gifts of the Spirit, and hearing the word of God in Scripture.  This way of life is formed in us and handed on through a set of basic teachings and a process of initiations imparted in all communities.

4. Community Care
We give ongoing support to one another as community members. This is made possible by having a pattern of life as a community, a pastoral approach to caring for one another, both families and single people, a process for identifying and training leaders, and an integrated approach to working with our youth both locally and regionally.

5. Our Mission
The core of our mission can be described as bulwark-building, that is preaching the gospel and building Christian community. Therefore we actively maintain an approach to evangelism that brings others into our life. Our members are committed to our mission and engage in it locally, regionally and internationally.

6. Our Government
Our government helps us safeguard and promote our common life and mission. Each of our communities has a constitution that includes a set of required elements. Internationally we have a common federal government of a representative and collegial nature. It upholds the common nucleus, supports and safeguards its member communities, and coordinates our common mission.

7. Intercommunity Relationships
We share our human and material resources, and come together internationally and regionally for the sake of unity among our communities, leaders, and members.

Strengthening our way of life

There are other areas that characterize our way of life and every two years we emphasize one of them through teachings, conferences, retreats, etc. These are the Lord’s Day Celebration, Financial Giving, Personal Prayer, Community Service, Mission and Evangelism, Family Life and Caring for One Another.