August / September 2015 - Vol. 81
 God Is Enough for Me
ďI was called out of my comfort zone and into serving on missionĒ
by Grace Fahd

The Lord has been opening several doors for me to serve and grow; and through this, Iím experiencing more and more of His personal love. I grew up in a strong Christian family in Lebanon. Iím the youngest of six children. My family has had a tremendous impact on me and my faith, and has been a very real example of Christian discipleship. I grew up in a comfortable bubble of support from my family and community.

Last year, however, I was called out of my comfort zone and into serving with University Christian Outreach in Ann Arbor on a mission year, and joining Detroit Summer Outreach (DSO).

DSO has been a confirmation that God alone is enough. Detroit has been challenging in a beautiful way. Iíve learned more and more the extent to which I can depend on the Lord. I have found so much life through the people here and have learned more and more about myself by being exposed to so many diverse realities. Iím super excited for what the Lord has planned for me during DSO. I have a conviction that it will be life-changing.

[Grace grew up in the People of God community in Lebanon.]

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