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December 2017 / January 2018 - Vol. 95
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The Sword of the Spirit
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procession of cross in
One In Christ Jesus
“There is neither Jew nor Greek, neither slave nor free – for you are all one in Christ Jesus” – Galatians 3:28
• Intro to This Issue: "You Are All One In Christ Jesus
• On the Path Toward Unity, by Dan Keating
• In Praise of Ecumenical Courtesy, by Dave Hughes
Convergent Ecumenism, by John Yocum
• Embracing God’s Call to Love, Unity, and Common Mission – Week of Prayer for Christian Unity January 2018   
holding up crosses box 1 2017 december
• Devoted to Spiritual Realities of Life Together in Christ, by Bob Tedesco
• The Christian Way: A Statement by Evangelicals and Catholics Together
• Re-Formation Today: What the twenty-first-century Church needs most, by George WeigeI
Called to Ecumenical Christian Community, Reflections by Mary Rose Jordan, Miguel Vargas, Rami Abou Haidar, and Arthur Delargy
              3 december 2017
• Getting Real with God: Hannah's Expectant Plea, by Jeanne Kun
• Finding My Joy in the One Who Satisfies, by Maeve Buganski
• When Trusting in the Lord Doesn’t Work, by Sam Williamson
• Being a Light in the Darkness, and Investing in the Best That Is Yet to Come, by Tom Caballes

Kairos Malasia box 5 2017 december
• Intentional Discipleship: Having Goals, and A Solid Christian Worldview and Age Appropriate Goals, by Michael Shaughnessy
• Your Life Is Not Your Own: Summer Household for University Christian Men in Ann Arbor, by Will Cannon
• Forming University Aged Men in Discipleship: A summer Mission Household Program in Lebanon, by Tadhg Lynch
• Summer Frontline Mission in Malysia, by Peter Legaspi, and Serving Until It Hurts: Summer Mission in Mexico, by Malaquias and Angel

box 4
              december 2017
• God does not elect the excellent but brings the elect to excellence, An update from Emmanuel Community in Aleppo
• What Led Me to Write a Book on Divine Time Management, by Elizabeth Grace Saunders
A Selection of Reflections and Homilies on Advent and Christmas Season
For Whom the Bell Tolls and No Man Is an Island, Meditation by John Donne, and Born This Eve, Poem by Lynne May
Living Bulwark is committed to fostering renewal of the whole Christian people: Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox. We especially want to give witness to the charismatic, ecumenical, evangelistic, and community dimensions of that renewal. Living Bulwark seeks to equip Christians to grow in holiness, to apply Christian teaching to their lives, and to respond with faith and generosity to the working of the Holy Spirit in our day.


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