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                  European YES Retreat 2019

'Called to Adventure' YES Retreat.
by Phil Morrison

‘You show me the path of life, in your presence there is fullness of joy.’ (Psalm 16:11)

The Kairos European YES [Youth Equipped to Stand] Retreat is in its ninth year. It exists to gather youth (14-17 year old) from Sword of the Spirit communities and connected groups and to provide a space where youth can meet God and begin, or deepen, their relationship with him. One of the fruits we are witnessing is a growing and positive network of friendships across communities that provide support for the youth as they continue to walk with God.

We were delighted that this year 75 young people from all across Europe, representing all of our communities. Gdansk and Bielsko-Biała (Poland), Leuven (Belgium), London (England), Glasgow (Scotland), Belfast (N.Ireland), Dublin (Ireland) and Munich (Germany).

The theme this year was being ‘Called to Adventure’. Our focus was Psalm 16 ‘You show me the path of life, in your presence there is fullness of joy.’ (Psalm 16:11)

We looked at Jesus’ call to ‘come and follow me’ and how he issues that call to each one of us. We want to hear this invitation and courageously respond to the adventure he has for us.

Additionally, we looked at how the Christian life is a life of joy. Through workshops we looked at our identity in Christ. Only Christ is the true source of joy. Nothing else can truly satisfy us. We want to be overwhelmingly filled with the joy of the Gospel. Finally we talked about being sent out on this adventure of Christian life. We want to step out in faith and wholeheartedly choose the life of adventure to which Christ is inviting us.

It was a great retreat, God was at work and a lot of fun was had by all. 

At the last session some of the youth shared what had been happening over the weekend...

For me it [YES Retreat] was really seeing that I can worship again. Often back home I can lose sight of that and sometimes during worship I am thinking of other things, I am not actually thinking of God. And so coming here I can just spend time during the worship sessions and really just worship God for who He is and praise Him.
Boy. London. 17 years old.

This is my third YES Retreat. I come here a lot. But this year when I was praying in our small groups I got a word from God for one of the girls in my group. I have never gotten a word from God before, I have never felt like I have got anything from God before. So that has been really amazing.
Girl. London, England. 15 years old.

The YES Retreat wasn’t really wasn’t what I expected. This is my first year. The small groups were a really good idea I got to make such a great spiritual connection and new friendships with everyone in my small group which was really nice. I got meet so many new people and have created so many new relationships that I would never have expected to create.
Girl. Belfast. 16 years old.

I didn’t know why I came. But yesterday whilst praying in small groups God told me “I know what you are doing here. I want to change you and I want to do it right now." The change is not like you are coming home after the retreat and then you can change your life and become a better man. But the change is right now. You go as a changed man.
Boy. Bielsko-Biala. 16 years old.

This YES Retreat I came in with no expectations. Last night during the prayer ministry I just kept getting word and images for different peers in the group. I felt God saying “Look I am actually here, it is not just people saying that to you” It was a tangible thing that I would be able to keep for ever.
Boy. Glasgow. 17 years old

The YES Retreat 2019 was hosted and organised by Servant Trust on behalf of Kairos EME

Kairos Mission Trip in Poland

Kairos Mission Trip in Poland

What does “jabłko” mean again?

by Paul Codouni

This past August (2019), a group of young people from Sword of the Spirit communities in the United Kingdom and Ireland were invited to serve on the “CeDeN” youth camp in Bielsko-Biała for youth from different Christian communities in Poland.

We had an excellent time there getting to know the young people, running games and activities and learning Polish! We looked at the theme of Christian servanthood in the Scripture and God was at work forming us into godly men and women.

God was also really present in the relationships. We were very well hosted by our Polish brothers and sisters (and well fed!). And on their part, they really appreciated us being there – stressing how much of an impact we were able to make as examples and role models for the young people.

Kairos youth learn a Belgian folk
Youth learning a Belgian folk dance

Among other things, we taught the young people some English songs, shared our testimonies, led a prayer meeting and ran a culture night. Polish brothers and sisters, now it’s your turn to visit us!
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