January 2007 - Vol. 4

Easter Tree, watercolor  by Jamie Treadwell

Faith, Vision, and Art
by Jamie Treadwell

a Christian artist and missionary who is passionate about seeing the life of the gospel come alive in people

Jamie Treadwell is a noted artist who works in pastels, watercolors and acrylics, and artistic digital photography.  He has exhibited widely in art shows and galleries in Europe, the USA, and in the Lebanon. Last March he organized the Advanz Art Show: A celebration of the Visual Arts, in London, UK, featuring the works of 40 Christian artists. Jamie is a member of  The Servants of the Word, a lay missionary brotherhood of men living single for the Lord, and he is the Regional Youth Program Director of Kairos in Europe and the Middle-East, the international youth program of The Sword of the Spirit.

Jamie, a native of Grosse Ile, Michigan, USA, studied painting at the University of Michigan School of Art in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  During an eventful 12 years in Belfast, Northern Ireland, as a counter-point to his full-time work with Youth Initiatives, he worked extensively in pastels, and became a member of the Irish Pastel Society. He currently resides in London, UK.

Artist Statement
"I see myself as a Christian artist who's passionate about people, about seeing the life of the gospel come alive in people's lives. Whatever medium I use, whether it's pastels, watercolors, or acrylics, I try to express my faith and vision, who I am as a Christian believer. The act of painting and drawing is very important to me. Each individual mark appears to be imperfect, a scribble, a scratch. Only in the context of the whole does it find meaning. In relation to others it creates beauty. This is a vision that motivates my painting as well as my ministry, helping people to live and work together."
Artist website: http://www.rc.net/wcc/art/jwtart.htm

Intercessor, pastel watercolor

Winds of Grace, pastel watercolor


By His Stripes Healed - Easter, acrylic pastel

Monday Walk in Bavarian Alps, watercolor

Rain at Inian Pass - Alaska, acrylic pastel

Angel Song, watercolor

Autumn Blaze, acrylic pastel 


White Paths Dorset - England, watercolor


Across the Bar, pastel

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