June / July 2015 - Vol. 80
Kairos EME
                          Conference 2015

Empowering a Generation in Mission

Members from Kairos in Europe and the Middle East gathered for a
powerful weekend retreat in Belgium February 2015

A New Generation with Power for Mission:

reflection from James Mead

James MeadThis was the first year I’d attended the Kairos Weekend as a university student missionary, which also happens to be a season of my life in which the Lord has been blessing me generously through his spiritual gifts. It was for both these reasons that I found the theme ‘Power for Mission’ particularly relevant, and as a result I now feel equipped to “make disciples of all nations” as Jesus tells us in Matthew 28.

Throughout the weekend, our speaker Jean Barbara spoke to us about his own experience of being empowered for mission, and gave countless examples of times the Lord had rewarded his faithfulness with miracles and conversion. Taking time separately as men and women on Saturday afternoon provided us with an opportunity to pray over individual members from each of the represented outreaches, as well as allowing for a time of fellowship.

As we gathered in the evening for our prayer meeting, some older Christian community leaders who had been meeting in Leuven also joined us. Taking the opportunity to pray and worship alongside these brothers and sisters served as a reminder to the responsibility that is now being shared with us as a new generation. A number of people following our prayer meeting spoke about tongues of fire they had seen being placed over our heads as we prayed, which to me was a powerful affirmation that the Lord is now starting to fully equip his “younger warriors.”

Offering It Up: Hearing a New Invitation
into God's Heart

by Cathy Holmes

I have three main criteria for what makes a good retreat: good prayer times, good fellowship and a large variety of herbal teas – and the Kairos Weekend 2015 met all of these! This was my first Kairos Weekend Encounter, so I was nervous. I’d never been to such a large event before. Despite there being 110 people from all over the place, it was very easy to settle in and make friends. Everyone was open with each other, but more importantly, open to receiving the Lord. Our theme was ‘Power for Mission,’ which helped us not only to look at how each Kairos outreach could adapt their approach to mission, but also at how I myself could adapt my mindset for mission in daily life. I came away from the weekend on fire for mission. This was incredible to me because I’m usually a “just holding out the UCO leaflets because I was asked to” kind of person rather than someone who wants to actually open up, share and bring Jesus to those who need him.

Something that struck me throughout the weekend was how strong every prayer time was, especially during the women’s session and the prayer meeting on Saturday night. People prayed for and with us for a variety of things from healing to freedom – this was a very powerful time and the Lord moved within every single person present. I’ve given, or tried to give, my life to God many times before, but at the prayer meeting I was given the opportunity to offer up my life again, this time with new certainty. It was the best thing I’ve ever done! I can honestly say lives were changed this weekend, not only for good, but for God’s purpose.

Courage to Speak:
Stepping Out in Obedience and Boldness

by Aagje Vander Plaetse

This was the first Kairos Weekend I had ever gone to. I didn’t know quite what to expect. It was definitely a new experience to pray together with so many people – over 110 young people. It was challenging and inspiring to be in an environment where so many of us were using the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I had prayed before to receive the gift of tongues, but I thought the few sounds I was making were just me copying others in my outreach who were speaking in tongues.

During the prayer night on the weekend, I suddenly felt the Holy Spirit ask me to speak out a prophesy in tongues. I was so afraid! “God, I don’t even speak in tongues! How do you want me to speak out loud to the whole group?” I held back, but then asked God to give me a second chance to speak it, and the courage to speak. Not long afterward, someone else in the group spoke out that he sensed there was a sister who had a prophecy in tongues, and that this was the moment to speak! I knew this was my second chance. I decided to go for it. The Spirit gave me courage and spoke through me. It was a beautiful experience, and I was so thankful for my second chance. It taught me a lot about courage, to obey God when he asks something. I also met someone in my small group whom I was able to pray with and exchange some advice for similar situations in our lives. I know it was not by accident that we met each other.

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