June / July 2015 - Vol. 80
A New Season of Grace and Growth for Sword of the Spirit Communities

Triumph of the Cross community

Triumph of the Cross Community
in Maryland,USA

by Jeff Smith

Triumph of the Cross Community (TCC), located in Maryland, USA celebrated its annual covenant commitment gathering in January. We are grateful to the Lord that seven new brothers and sisters made their first commitment to the community. Now, Triumph of the Cross has 45 adult members participipating in our life. During the gathering, we recounted how faithful the Lord has been throughout our history, thanked Him for making us part of the Sword of the Spirit bulwark, and prayed for greater Christian Unity.

The Lord has sent us a good number of post‐college age people. We now have thirty young professionals who are members or friends, so we have organized TCC Young Professionals. TCC Young Professionals has two events per month: a dinner after our gathering in a community
family’s home, and a second event planned by the leadership team. Our goal is to create an environment that is hospitable and gives witness to our Lord Jesus Christ.

new Community in

Beginning of new Sword of the Spirit Community
 in Seattle, Washington, USA

"He will assemble the scattered people of Judah from the four quarters of the earth."
(Isaiah 11:12)

The Lord has been blowing a new Spirit in Seattle, Washington, USA during the past year. We have heard the call and joined together following the Lord to form and grow a Sword of the
Spirit community. He has gathered us from a variety of communities: the United States, Honduras, Lebanon, and Mexico. The Lord's bulwark has been growing in Seattle. We are the Seattle Sword of the Spirit Community!

We are a community of young families and singles. Our community life has been growing as well as our outreach work. Through the variety of outreach events, retreats and prayer gatherings, we have been meeting and receiving new families and singles. Included among those
events was a picnic last August, a Life in the Spirit seminar in October and many Lord's Day evenings. Take a look at the picture above of our Lord's Day Celebration in February.

We have also been reaching out to our local churches and have established many important relationships. We have recently completed a Life in the Spirit Seminar weekend.
Please remember us in your prayers as we pray for all of our brothers and sisters in in Sword of the Spirit communities. 
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