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The Life I Live is not My Own, songs and reflection by Ellie Giles
Lord, Enkindle Me,song by Ed Conlin
Prayer of Augustine, audio music and lyrics by Ed Conlin 
Song of Patrick, audio music and lyrics by Ed Conlin 

His Name Will Be Called a new music video from Songs In His Presence
In His Presence: a new season of grace for songs of worship by Jane Terwilliger
I Will Awake the Dawn, worship song and reflection by Ed Conlin
Come, Let Us Magnify the Lord: song and music by John Hughes

Our Hearts Will Rise, worship song and prayer, by Ed Conlin
The River Flows, worship song and music by Ed Conlin
From Heaven's Light, a worship song by Ed Conlin

The Cedar House, new song and audio clip by Stephen Jordan
Rise O People, Called to Worship by Ed Conlin
Glory Cry the Angel Choirs, God on earth and man in heaven, Christmas song and audio clip by Ed Conlin

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