November 2006 - Vol. 2

“Lord Enkindle Me”

image by Jamie Treadwell

Ed Conlin, a member of The Servants of the Word, a lay ecumenical brotherhood of men living single for the Lord, was recently nominated by the United Catholic Music and Video Association for their annual Songwriter of the Year Award and his song, Lord Enkindle Me, was nominated for Song of the Year Award. Ed's songs are featured in three CDs published by In His Presence and one CD published by The Servants of the Word.

Click this link to listen to an audio of Ed's song, Lord Enkindle Me

Ed has served for many years as a missionary brother in London, Brussels, and Belfast. He is a worship leader in Word of Life community and a prolific song writer. He is presently living in the inner city of Detroit, Michigan, USA, serving the poor who are caught in addiction and homelessness. Ed’s music comes from his prayer life. The longing he has to see God’s kingdom come has grown into song as he works with the "face of Christ" hidden in those he serves.

Our hearts are restless until they rest in thee" - St. Augustine of Hippo
Ed Conlin writes ...

There is a space formed by the particular shape of our life. It is meant for God himself to indwell. This must be felt as a lack... and it comes about through daily circumstamces. It may be caused by the cavern of a lonely heart, the ache of a lost one, the yearning that comes from "not yet being home." In truth we are to glory in this emptiness -- for it is the price we pay for such an immense dignity. To wait in courage for God to fill our particular emptiness is one of the most profound of love's acts. 

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