October / November 2015 - Vol. 82
Kairos EME mission trip to India
Greater Things Are Still to Come
Kairos European Mission Trip to India - July 2015

by Mike Robinson

Eight Kairos European university student volunteers spent two weeks in India in July 2015 serving with the poor in Mumbai and with Gensys, a local youth program.  

This past July, 11 other team members and I spent two weeks in Mumbai and neighboring areas building community, helping out through practical service in an addiction rehabilitation center, and running sports days for slum children. When I signed up for the trip, I was right in the middle of my A-level school exams and had hardly any time to think about what we would be doing. Considering the fact that the mission trip took place right in the middle of monsoon season and that it hardly rained once for the two weeks we were there, I can see God was looking after us from the beginning.

Kairos EME
                                mission trip to India 2015
Mike Robinson (right) with youth

I had so many amazing experiences over the two weeks in Mumbai, but one that really stands out was the retreat we led for Gensys. It was one of the best retreats I have ever been on, and we got the same response from the members of Gensys. It was a great chance to get to know the guys in Gensys during our separate men’s and women’s sessions, and during our Saturday night prayer meeting I could see the Holy Spirit was moving. One of the songs that a few people felt God was sharing with them before the trip has the lyrics: “Greater things are still to come, greater things are still to be done in this city”. During that prayer meeting I could really see that God is moving in the members of Gensys, and greater things are definitely still to come in the city of Mumbai.

Kairos EME
                                mission trip to India 2015

Seeing  with the Eyes of God

by Fiona Lee

I remember being both anxious and excited as to what the Lord had in store when I was told that I was going to India. It was such a huge blessing to be able to spend two weeks building relationships with a local youth program, Gensys, that Kairos is connected to.  We ran a retreat centered around the theme of Christian relationships. During the retreat, we were able to see God at work as they strengthened their relationships with each other in Christ. It was especially beautiful to see the Gensys women grow in their love and support for one another. Though the retreat was only a weekend long, the lesson God had for me about relationships in Christ didn’t seem to just stop there. Throughout the trip, the Lord was really opening my own eyes to see the deep value in having brothers and sisters around to spur one another on. This new level of appreciation is something that I have brought home with me.

We also spent some time playing with children from the slums and a special needs school. Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces as we played with them, I saw that it is a gift to be able to serve and love others. By sharing the Lord’s love, the joy that we brought to others became our own joy.

There were moments where I was pushed out of my comfort zone – though at the time these moments were not my favorite at the time, these were the moments where my faith and trust in God grew. Looking back, these were actually opportunities to experience God’s grace, and I was able to experience the verse ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness’ (2 Corinthians 12:9).

For me personally, this mission trip has re-emphasized the gracious and loving nature of our God. It was such an honor to be able to serve on this trip!

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