October / November 2015 - Vol. 82
                                                    retreat in Auckland,
                                                    New Zealand.
Get Set 2015
University Christian Outreach Retreat
in Auckland, New Zealand

Towards the end of August, University Christian Outreach in Auckland, New Zealand was proud to host for the very first time Get Set 2015 – a retreat for young people ranging from tertiary students to working
professionals. The whole retreat was blessed from the get-go with almost 50 attendees from various
churches all over New Zealand coming together to Karanga Camp in the remote Waitakere, eager to spend time in prayer, fellowship and learning more about Christ’s call for us to live as his disciples.

The name of the retreat ‘Get Set’ captures this call – by reminding us that we need to prepare ourselves (as one would for a race) to live out our mission as Christians, whether it be at our workplace or places of study. This year’s specific theme ‘Set Apart’ reminded us that when we do accept Christ’s call we are indeed set apart, marked for him and the work of his Kingdom. Being young adults, many of us have already chosen Christ in our past teenage years. However our actions cannot end there as we are then further called to be ‘Christ’s light on a Hill’, proclaim his Good News to others.

The material at Get Set in turn reflected this and was well received, primarily as it was tailored for young adults currently learning to live out the Christian faith that they have spent their last few years building. Three main talks (presented by a range of speakers such as a well-respected Pastor and members of other Christian communities), together addressed the importance of understanding who God is to us, the importance of being active within our church and community as young people and the vitality of changing our lives for Christ – as we were reminded from Matthew 22:14 that ‘many are called but few are chosen’.

Get Set 2015 UCO Auckland
                                  RetreatBy holding in-depth sharing and discussion sessions after each talk, the retreatants were able to reflect on what they had heard, whilst further learning from the lives and sharing of others in their group. Looking back, many of us now realize the importance of opening up and being accountable to our brothers and sisters, as we all walk this spiritual journey together and need the support of one another.

Some of the many highlights of the camp include powerful sessions such as ministry time and group prayer. But there were also several lighter moments that allowed us to bond with each other and showcase to our guests the positive and up-building environment that we instill at UCO. For instance, the sports, ice-breakers, bonfire and Amazing Race (credit to the fantastic team that organized this event) was a hit. On the other hand Dom Schryvers’ games night and renowned ‘Cardboard-box Bull rush’ consisted of several literal hits (one which he can personally testify for).

We ended on a late Sunday afternoon – not tired but very much refreshed and invigorated to live out all that we learnt. Upon returning to our daily routines and lives, together we look forward to outreaching and spreading the joy that Christ in his mercy and grace has blessed us with.

Our utmost gratitude to all those who served at the retreat: guest speakers, those who assisted with transport, the many helping hands in the kitchen and of course to the various branches of the Lamb of God who have kept us in prayer and supported in many ways.

May God bless you mightily!
The UCO Team

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