October / November 2015 - Vol. 82

Kairos in a Nutshell is a video presentation given in 2013 in the USA for a Kairos Benefit Breakfast - An Open Door to Mission.
Kairos International - Raising Young Disciples to Maturity
by Michael Shaughnessy

Kairos is an international federation of Christian outreaches serving people aged 13-30. As an outreach of the Sword of the Spirit, Kairos exists to impact the lives of young people by promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ and the fullness of life that comes through the Holy Spirit to the glory of God the Father.

Kairos specifically recognizes the need for young people to make it all the way to becoming mature adult disciples – far too many make it only part way. Raising young disciples to maturity demands a comprehensive approach, not just one that works while they are part of a youth group.

Kairos youth
bridge diagram
The Kairos Youth Bridge captures this understanding and applies it. A bridge is only effective if it reaches from shore to shore. Our standard for youth work is getting youth from Christian childhood to Christian adulthood. To do this, Kairos provides every youth with support every step of the way. We build lives, not just experiences.

Young people live in a Kairos season – a time when they establish who they are and who they will become. They set their moral standards, consider a religious vocation or find a marriage partner, and choose a career. Most importantly, young people are in a special position to make a decision to follow Jesus Christ. In many ways, it is the most important time of their lives.

We also believe the era we live in now is a Kairos time, a special season when God’s grace is available, a season in which he is raising up a generation of young people who will fully commit their lives to him and take a stand for the glory of his name.

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Michael Shaughnessy Michael Shaughnessy is the Kairos director for the Sword of the Spirit both in North America and Internationally. He is the editor of the Kairos Youth Culture Newsletter.

Kairos is an international federation of outreaches to high school, university and post university aged people.

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